Saturday, July 9, 2011

Something Else I've Been Working On

Randomly started this "sketch" in Zbrush a few weeks ago out of a polysphere. Kinda got distracted from this for a while, but hopefully I will guilt trip myself into finishing it by posting my progress on it. So yeah... If you know who this is, you're probably a nerd like me :B


  1. Yusuke! It's funny you post this, as I actually was just watching this the past few days, hah. Made it through the Maze Castle arc before deciding to do something productive. I loved this show. Yay for fellow nerds.

  2. Kurama was always my favorite. I going to have to show this to my brother, he will love it haha

    I do have to say i feel like the head might be a bit large for the body, but overall this is looking really cool.
    How exactly did you approach the hair? are those extra planes you added in and warped as necessary?

  3. Thanks a lot guys! ^^

    That's awesome ^^ Kurama is pretty cool too :D The hair is actually just done with an extraction of the head mesh and then the strands were done with snake hook. I kinda was thinking of redoing it with planes, though, if I get around to it ^^; I think you are right about the arms too :c I've been having a lot of trouble with them because the perspective feature in Zbrush confuses me XD; Thanks for the tip though, I will try to fix the size :]